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Documentation & Document Management

FULL, THOROUGH DOCUMENTATION: PerfectMed™ EHR automatically generates full documentation of your patient visits in Word Fomat for easy review and revision!

If the real "Code Patrol" - the Office of the Inspector General - ever has a question for you, or if an insurance payer is questioning a claim, the bottom line is that if you didn't document it, you didn't do it. With PerfectMed™ EHR featuring CodePatrol Compliance Guard, you can have all the benefits of exhaustive, complete documentation without having to type a thing!

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: You can easily print or fax all of your outbound documents, such as letters, referral slips, even prescriptions!  Easily scan new patient information such as  insurance cards, drivers licenses, consent forms, checks/receipts, and create a full patient record without having to write, photocopy, or locate an errant file.


You can even save images, such as photographs, X-Rays, or other scans!


 Easily reduce clutter and go paperless! Access your records anywhere!



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