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PRESCRIPTION WRITING: Write and keep track of a patient's prescriptions easily!


PORTABILITY: Enter or review cases anywhere with high speed internet - at home, at the office, at remote facilities, anywhere! Take in a tablet or notebook to see the patient!


SCHEDULING: Keep track of all of your visits and easily click into them to start documenting - new patients, existing patients, consultations!

Quickly access your schedule and view how your day is shaping up!

Eliminate the need for paper schedules!


SECURITY: Our servers and data center have been inspected to meet or exceed ISO 17799, which is Department of Defense-level security. You can also track which users modify or review documents, and set specific security permissions for each user!


BACKUP: All of our data is mirrored and remotely backed-up, ensuring continuity!



Now you can enjoy the freedom of the Internet without worry!





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