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PerfectMed Global Stroke CenterTM:


The only fully-integrated stroke informatics and telemedicine application! Keep your JCAHO certification!


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PerfectMed™ Global Stroke CenterTM is the only stroke-specific health recordand informatics system which features a full telemedicine component.

Why waste valuable time struggling with numerous applications that don't communicate and tedious double entry? 

  • The only fully integrated stroke informatics and telemedicine application
  • On the fly JCAHO performance measures reports for JCAHO certification compliance
  • Full EHR functionality (please click here for features)
  • Full coding functionality
  • Orders generation
  • Patient safety features
  • Decision support
  • On the fly patient detail reports
  • Secure live audio, video, and txt messaging
  • Secure live telemedicine application and cart 
  • Highest grade hardware components
  • High ROI ( replaces nurse who abstracts/gathers information)
  • Robust secure database for research applications
  • HL7 capability with direct links to hospital ADT, lab, radiolology
  • View CT/MRI images
  • Fully HIPAA compliant 
  • Allows even the smallest stroke center to have large-center functionality


 PerfectMed™ Global Stroke CenterTM gives you true mobility and flexibility.

  • Access your records from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.
  • With the telemedicine component, you can do consults from anywhere in the world!
  • The system can be accessed by multiple providers at the same time for true convenience and efficacy.


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