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Imogen System's TraumaCoder™ revolutionizes trauma coding.

Utilizing RTSS™ techonology, Imogen Systems' TraumaCoder™ easily involves physicians, nurses, residents, and more in the coding process without them having to code themselves, leading to more accurate codes, and more efficient coding!

TraumaCoder™ is based on physician logic, not classification system logic, so it works like doctors think.

TraumaCoder™ is easy-to-use and comprehensive.

With TraumaCoder™ you can easily input at the bedside table and update daily, and with traumaCoder™ tracking has never been easier!

TraumaCoder™ can easily plug-in to your existing registry!

Tremendous research capabilities!

Instant Automatic Coding: AIS, ISS, TRISS, ICD9,  OIS, TMPM AIS, TMPM ICD9, E-codes, V codes

Mortality, Co-Morbidities, Complications, and Procedures!



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