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Imogen Universal Pain Management™  Coding


  • Make your coding more ACCURATE!
  • Make your coding more EFFICIENT!
  • Make your coding more THOROUGH!
  • Make your coding more COMPLIANT!


Imogen Universal Pain Management™ Coding Application, the groundbreaking touchstone for pain management professionals, brings you as close to automated coding as possible! It turns tedious and/or incorrect coding into an accurate, compliant process that takes less than a minute even for complex cases! The underlying benefit?


Money in medicine is only made in two ways: coding and collections. Optimizing the coding can also effectively optimize the collections!



Imogen Universal Pain Management Coding™ features a comprehensive setup in an incredibly easy-to-learn and easy-to-use layout. Here's a sampling of what's in store: 

ü      Full Procedure codes,

ü      ICD-9 codes,

ü      HCPCS drug and supply codes,

ü      Automatically applies all of the appropriate modifiers,

ü      Global Period billing rules,

ü      Reporting and Scheduling,

ü      Takes less than minute to code complex cases,

ü      And much, much more! 


Be a Step Ahead of the Rest


Imogen Universal Pain Management™ is fully and constantly updated with the latest codes and updates, and thanks to our Web-based model, you get these upgrades right away!  Same thing for the latest CCI edits and global period procedures.  Imogen Universal Pain Management™ is also pre-programmed with all the rules and regulations of coding to keep you completely compliant. It can also greatly reduce your claim rejection rate!


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